The Dangers of Social Media – Video

This video has been doing the rounds on social media lately. It shows the dangers of meeting people you ‘meet’ online and highlights what could happen better than any article we could write.

Although it is targeted towards teens, the message still applies to adults, particularly ladies meeting men for the first time.

Warning: This video contains some scenes younger viewers may find distressing!

While the 3rd video in our opinion went too far, it really does highlight the very real danger this girl could have faced. Here’s some useful tips for staying safe online:

  • Never meet up with someone you don’t know. Not even with a group of friends. There could be several of them waiting to meet you
  • If someone you already know adds you as a friend on social media then asks to meet you, give them a call on a number you already have for them to make sure. Don’t accept a new number they give you online, it may not really be them
  • Never post any information that can identify you to strangers online. For example if you have a profile picture and your name, posting your school will tell a stranger where they can find you
  • Never post pictures of you in school uniform for the same reason
  • Ensure your privacy settings are set so non-friends can’t see any of your profile.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with anything you see online, tell an adult. If not your parents then a teacher or another adult you trust
  • Never post your phone number online, even for friends to see. If you want your real friends to have your number give it them in person
  • Make sure you have strong passwords, and choose a different one for each online account
  • Respect the age limit of the website you are joining. Most are 13 with good reason. While joining Facebook under 13 is not illegal in the uk, it is against Facebook’s terms and conditions and makes it harder for them to protect you when you lie about your age. The 12 year old in the video was breaking the law as under 13’s in America are legally not allowed to join Facebook (or other sites that capture their personal information)

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